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Interactive Detail Aid Management System
We live in times where the way we communicate with customers has changed. And, technology is a key driver of that change.

  • But, are your sales reps harnessing the true power of technology to maximize their effectiveness and engage customers?
  • Can you empower your sales reps with up-to-date material at the click of a button?
  • Can you segment your messages as per your customer’s current behaviour?
  • Do you know the level of implementation of your communication strategy?
  • Can you monitor the number of exposures of your brand messages to your customers?
  • Is market research data available to you at your command?
If you have answered “NO” to most of the above, it’s time to call UNOVATION!
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Are you involved in training and development?

Education is a continuous process of information updates to aid in learning. UNOVATION allows you to develop dynamic and cost-effective training tools that arm sales reps with the knowledge they need to be their best.
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Are you a director of marketing, brand manager or eBusiness lead?
UNOVATION can make a difference to your brand communication.

Amazing things happen when creative and technical boundaries are blurred and constraints eliminated.
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Looking for customized mobile applications for adding value to your customer’s practice?

UNOVATION is a leader in development of applications in Iphone, Ipad, Windows Phone, Android Devices.
Our Partners
"I wanted to congratulate your team on a job very well done. We received excellent feedback on the high quality of content, the robust interactivity and within budget/on time delivery for the three Oncology brands. My team and I look forward to working with UNOVATION to develop further interactivity for updates. I will be in Bombay over the next month and would welcome an opportunity to take your team out for dinner to celebrate this launch.”